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"...I have come in order that you might have life - life in all its fullness."

John 10v10

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Autumn 2 Theme Map

Did you ever wonder if giraffes or elephants can be seen in Brintons Park?  Well this half term we are finding out if they can be!

We have been building on our previous learning about animals in Nursery by classifying and grouping animals by similarities and differences.  Our learning started off looking at our own pets.  We found out who has them and what types of pets we have.  We have used mathematical ideas to compare this data and have created a class pictogram.  Our role play area had a vets theme and the children have been practising their first aid skills by bandaging a bunny ear correctly. We have discovered, through questioning, that not all pets need the same things.

Children have then learnt about farm animals.  Our children had knowledge of some of the different types of farm animals but we wondered if farmers keep them as pets?  If not, why do farmers keep them?  

We excitedly quizzed Mrs Beaumont - a real life parent farmer who has talked to us about the different animals she cares for and what they give us.  

The children had retained a lot of knowledge about many farmer's jobs, as we had read 'Farmer Duck' and 'Little Red Hen'!  We made our own bread from flour and butter from cream.  Of course, we all helped so helped to eat it too!


We have learnt that animals also work hard in other ways.  After Tessa, our Christian visitor read us the Nativity Story from the Bible, we looked into how Donkeys work hard by carrying and pulling.  They are not the only animals that work for us either.  Children were interested in camels, elephants and sheep dogs too.  

We explored a range of action verbs looking into working animals...'elephants lift' 'sheepdogs herd' and 'sheep mow'!


Next, we are looking at wild animals.  I have called upon the help from a man that knows all about wild animals, 'Percy' (he is a park keeper).  And after the big storm at the weekend, I thought we'd start this part of our journey with 'After the Storm' by Nick Butterworth.


We are nearly on the way to discovering that giraffes are not actually wild in our parks.