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Phonics and Spelling

Children are taught to read and spell using the Letters and Sounds phonics program.  Children progress through the phases throughout Nursery, Reception and Year One.  Typically, children complete Phase 4 at the end of Reception.  In Year One, most children will take part in the national 'Phonics Screening Check' which is designed to assess children's ability to blend phonemes.  


I have added some useful videos from our favourite Youtube channel for you to watch.  Nessy has some really helpful strategies for spelling.  

I have included some we have watched in class and refer to often during our phonics and writing sessions.  


I will be using more strategies in class to support spelling decisions, so I will continue to add videos that link to our current phonics and grammar work.

Nessy Spelling Strategy: TH, F and V

These letters are easily confused because they make similar sounds. Learning the correct mouth positions will help to tell the difference.

Nessy Spelling Strategy: Flossy Words

When do you spell with a double or single letter? Flossy words end in ff, ll, ss.

Hairy Phonics: Vowels and Consonants

What is the difference between a vowel and a consonant?

Cuddly C and Kicking K

C and K make the same sound, this rule helps you know which one to use. But there are always a few exceptions to every rule!

Nessy Spelling: Using 'ck' or 'k' (Chapter 2)'

Nessy spelling strategy - 'ck' and 'k' make the same sound. So how do you know which one to use? Norman the knight will help you.

Nessy Spelling Strategy: When To Use ai Or ay

''ai' and 'ay' make the same sound, 'A'. This Nessy animation will explain which one to use.

Nessy Spelling Strategy: Plurals -s -es

What is a plural? Why do some plurals end in 's' and others in 'es'? The Plural-a-tor has the answers!

Nessy Reading Strategy: 'ed' past tense

Nessy Reading Strategy: Learn why 'ed' sends verbs into the past! Features in the Nessy Reading & Spelling program.

Nessy Spelling Strategy: ed and Letter T

ed and T make the same sound at the end of a word, e.g. 'kept' and 'hopped'