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John 10v10

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We are going to continue to look at phase one phonics- aspect 3: general sound discrimination- body percussion. Here are some “challenges” from Twinkl

We are looking at making sure our knowledge regarding number one is secure. You may like to try some of these “home challenges”- some may not suit the age of your child currently.

Try these scavenger hunts! You can alter them to suit what you have at home- these are just a few themed ideas.......

Some phase one phonics ideas courtesy of Twinkl.

Letter practice using sprinkles!

A simple cutting idea! Follow the lines!

Match the colours- if you don’t want to colour towers, make your own for your child to copy.

Number activity with pegs!

Another colour sorting activity

Tracing over numbers (and you could do it with letters) with a cotton bud

Some dinosaur ideas. . .

Colour matching/ colour hunt idea

Fine motor activities

Making letters (use other resources if you don’t have buttons)

Painting with cotton balls

Shape work with dough

A simple counting and number recognition activity

Fine motor skills- use pipe cleaners or ribbon if you’d prefer not to use food

The building blocks to reading

The building blocks to writing...

Try this simple game.....

Mark making outside

Make a mini beast hotel

A message from us at St. Oswalds....

Simple number matching and number recognition activity

Simple letter activities

Some new songs to learn....

A few more ideas. . .

There are a few ideas here for things you can do to help prepare your children for school.

Rhymes today....

Easter eggs from nature

Print a rainbow

Can you find. . . .

Bloomsbury Early Years online- free access during the lockdown

Send a hug to someone you can’t visit right now

Simple easter/spring printing

Fine motor skills

Matching! You could try this with letters or numbers!

Make your own dinosaur! If you have no paper plates try the side of a cereal box. For legs try half a toilet roll middle.

Using a paint brush with water outside is a really easy way for children to use gross motor skills

Some make your own ideas

Julia Donaldson broadcast!

More places to access online resources

Blossom tree painting

Experiments! Grow your own rainbow sounds good! 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

Guilt free screen time for children of all ages

Scavenger hunts! You could alter the items to hunt for to suit your house/ garden/ age of children.

Bottle sun catchers (idea from FB)

Using hand prints to make animals and plants.

Sites that offer free things for children to do

Print with lego, or Duplo!

Save those thoughts! (Stolen idea from Facebook)

Paint some stones!

Salt dough recipe (just cook on a very low heat for about 3 hours)

Shadow drawing- nice if this sun continues!

TTS are providing free downloadable learning opportunities.

Zoo animals

Maths with Carol Vorderman (it says suitable from 4 years old)

More ideas for things to do at home (pages stolen from FaceBook 😊)

Pictures in windows.... whilst we are not in Cofton it seems such a lovely idea to try!

Muddle Puddle Teaching- resources on this page are free for at least a month. Take a look!

Ice paints

Baby safe paint

Puffy Paint

Make your own (safe) slime

Make your own paint

Fizzy blocks

Make your own playdough

Twinkl- now free to parents

More ideas for indoors.....

100+ Activities- again please think about if they are suitable for your childs age!

From my window.....

Scavenger Hunt (indoors)

LEGO CHALLENGE- you may have to alter some challenges so they are nursery age children friendly! Or maybe Duplo friendly!!