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"...I have come in order that you might have life - life in all its fullness."

John 10v10

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Children chose their own text this week, Goldilocks and the Three Bears - which they found in the book corner.

I have attached some ideas based around this text... get your porridge oats ready!

Thankyou to everyone that joined into our Zoom catch-up! Im really sorry to those children having technical issues with the sound, I will try and find a solution to this for next time we do it.  Nevertheless, I think it was lovely for the children to see each other again!


We have finally completed our hotair balloons (Thankyou Joei for this idea!).  We researched designs using inspiration from lots of images we found from the internet, before planning our own design.  We used tissue and watery-pva glue to create a shell, which we decided needed a second layer because we thought it might not be strong enough to stay hard when the balloon popped.

We then copied our designs onto the paper-mache, by carefully selecting the correct colours and patterns in our plan.  

Afterwards we evaluated the process and our Hot air Balloons.  You'll be pleased to know that children were overall happy with the process and their creations although many thought the tissue bit took too long to dry.  All of the children would not change anything on their own designs, but did have a few ideas how to improve each others!

We have also tasted different porridges this week in the classroom, which also seemed to be a popular activity for our home learners too!  We investigated how the taste changed when we added sugar, honey, salt, raisins & banana to it.  A firm favourite was raisins, but I wouldn't rush to add salt to their breakfast porridge just yet.  It wasn't well received. 


Here is some learning going on in our homes this week...