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"...I have come in order that you might have life - life in all its fullness."

John 10v10

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Welcome to Reception!


We are very excited to start a new school year and to welcome you on the start of your St Oswald's journey!  

Your class teacher in Reception is Mrs Littlewood and our teaching assistants are Mrs Halliday, Mrs Noble and Mrs Wilding.  We will also be supported by Mrs Bruzgo on Friday afternoons.


I have attached our Reception Welcome letter which outlines our PE sessions, Forest School sessions and other day to day information that will help answer some questions.


I hope you enjoy your first school year in our lovely classroom.  



Mrs Littlewood


Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice...

Our Autumn began by learning all about what makes us, us!  We started learning about how we learn new things by using different senses.  We soon learnt the names of our body parts and discovered what we can do with them; how we use our emotions and how different things affect he way we feel.  We learnt that we have senses that help us learn about our world.  We will continue to build on this throughout the year by discovering which ones we use and when; and by establishing a bank of words that we use to describe things.

Here are our best bits from Autumn 1...






Once Upon a Time...

Our term began with our class mascot 'Oswald the Dragon' trying to make a story using a mixing bowl and a spoon...Silly Oswald can't bake stories! We set out to find the ingredients he needed, but we didn't look inside our kitchen cupboards - we read lots and lots of fairy tales!

Here are the ingredients we found...

  • Characters - We read Cinderella and explored the different characters.  We acted out the story and decided that there were characters that were nice and some not so nice.  We also remembered lots of characters from other stories we had read and matched them to their adventures.  We compared our favourites with our friends favourites and also made up our own!
  • Setting - We read Hansel and Gretel and Town and Country mouse.  We explored what we might find in the woods - including woodland animals.  We compared lots of photos of different woodlands and decided that we would not like to be alone in the woods at night, but love being in the woods in the bright day time!  We also received an exciting letter from Country Mouse who wanted to come and visit Kidderminster!  We wrote back detailing what sort of place Kidderminster is and decided that it may be a little different to the countryside.  We constructed Kidderminster Town and included lots of features that we might see.
  • Problem - We read The Gingerbread Man and made our own.  We ate them at Forest School and felt bad for the old lady and old man who had a bit of a problem when they took theirs out of the oven!  We found that there are lots of problems in stories and recalled the problems that we have read about and some that we made up.
  • Ending - We thought that all stories had happily ever afters BUT... remembered that The Gingerbread story didn't really end happily.  We read The Pied Piper of Hamlin and found the ending so sad that we had to re-write it.  We used Purple Mash with our partners to decide how we preferred the ending to be.  Some children opted for a hero to save the day, but some children preferred a more drastic ending!

Eventually, after sending all our research to Oswald, we created our own class story.  Are you sitting comfortably?  Then we will begin...


Once upon a time there was a Gingerbread boy who was real and tasty.  He lived in a tent on a hot sandy beach.  Suddenly from out of the sea, came a green slimy sea-monster who wanted to eat the gingerbread boy.  Luckily,  Super Sandman was close by who swooped and stomped on the  slimy sea-monster and he was never seen again.  The Gingerbread boy lived happily ever after.