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"...I have come in order that you might have life - life in all its fullness."

John 10v10

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Welcome to Reception!


We are very excited to start a new school year and to welcome you on the start of your St Oswald's journey!  

Your class teacher in Reception is Mrs Littlewood and your teaching assistant is Mrs Halliday.  You will also be supported by Mrs Noble and Mrs Bruzgo on Friday afternoons.


I have attached our Reception newsletter which outlines our PE sessions, Forest school, and other day to day information that will help you answer some questions.


I hope you enjoy your first school year in our lovely classroom.  



Mrs Littlewood


Marvellous Me!

Our Autumn has started by learning all about how marvellous we are!  So far, we have learnt the names of our body parts and what we can do with them, how we use our emotions and how different things can effect our feelings.  We have learnt that we have senses that help us learn about our world.  We will be exploring our senses further by discovering which ones we use and when; and by building a bank of words that we use to describe things with each sense!


We read Yoga Babies by Fearne Cotton to explore body shapes and practise balance and control.  Then

talked about what different parts of our bodies can do!  We have favourite bits!


"My fingers are my favourite because I can use them to pick up toys like lego"  ED



But we found our favourite bits were different than our friends favourite bits!  So we looked at how people are different using the beautiful images and writing in The Best Part of Me.  


We are realising how unique we all are.


We met Zog by Julia Donaldson who was also practising new skills at school like us.  We loved the story so much we could act it out using the puppet theatre.  Zog has helped us realise that we have to practise at things and don't ever give up!  


We are learning how to learn in our new school.


Julia Donaldson is so good at writing stories we have noticed that we can sometimes finish the end of her lines because they rhyme!  We are getting good at rhyming and spotting when words sound the same.  


Our class mascot, Oswald the shiny, green dragon, has been scared.  He told us he was scared of the Gruffalo but who is he?  Where does he live?  When can we spot him? How does he move?  What does he eat?

Julia Donaldson's character, little brown mouse, has taken us on a stroll through the deep, dark wood.  We met some sly creatures.  But we were not scared!  We have discussed things that we can get scared of, but the Gruffalo is not one of them...


"He eats children and mices"  BSK

"He stomps on his paws" HW

"He sleeps in the woods, I know because I have met him.  I saw him sleeping when I went to the woods.  I hugged him and kissed him"  PS

"He sleeps in the daytime and wakes up at night time"  HP


We have been exploring the Gruffalo using our Marvellous senses, finding out exactly what his knobbly knees might feel like and if his purple prickles really are sharp.


We even made and baked our own Gruffalo Crumble....




Gruffalo song

We love listening to Julia Donaldson singing The Gruffalo song so we learnt the words too. We have enjoyed adding our own actions to it and used it to remember what he looks like in case we come across him in our school....