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"...I have come in order that you might have life - life in all its fullness."

John 10v10

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I wonder what it is like here?


Everybody has returned to school after the half term break, refreshed and ready to go!


This half of term we will be learning a little more about 'Kidderminser' and we will be investigating..


What sort of place is it?

How is it different to other places?

What sorts of things do we see in Kidderminster?


We will start by discussing the weather (of course!) and seasons.  Children will record their daily observations of rainfall and temperature to get an idea of weather patterns in Spring and what we hope will happen in Summer.  They have been discussing the weather and seasons all year, so will have already built a picture of Autumn and Winter.  Children will be conducting lots of weather investigations this half term - I am excited to hear their ideas!


We will then take a look at Kidderminster and compare it to other villages, towns and cities.  We will secretly be expecting a letter from Country Mouse (shhh!) who is wanting to visit Kidderminster for his summer holidays - will it be the same as Country Mouse's village home? 

Children will be expected to write back and describe Kidderminster using all the fantastic words they have been collecting along our journey.


Finally, Grandma Fantastic, our very old classroom puppet; who has been on the planet for a long time, has brought some things to show the class.  She grew up in Kidderminster a long time ago.  I wonder if the children will know what they are? 


You can support children in their journey by talking about things that happened in the past and how they may have been different.  You can also help children develop their concept of time by using lots of time-related vocabulary with them.  Use days of the week, months, before, after, morning, afternoon, evening, noon - as many as you can think of during your conversations.


....and next time you are exploring Kidderminster - ask children to use their senses to gather lots of fantastic words too!


Mrs Hipkins, Mrs Noble & our lovely student helper, Miss Cook

Admissions 2023 Induction Day


We are very excited to see all our new parents for our 2023 cohort on May 3rd at 9.30am.


This will be a great opportunity for you to meet the teach and tour the school, as well as hear all about our curriculum in the Early Years.  We will provide lots of information for you so that you are ready for September.