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Remote Learning

Remote Learning

This page contains useful information about our hybrid remote learning offer.


Whilst we hope that we do not have to return to remote learning provision, there may be occasions where pupils are required to self isolate or learn from home. In these circumstances, we aim to provide a hybrid remote learning in response to a variety of situations using Google Classroom to provide quality provision. The provision may include live lesson streaming, the use of remote learning plans or a combination of the two approaches.


Remote learning plans will be shared on Google Classroom, via email and uploaded to the 'Class Pages' section of this website.


Remote Learning Provision Policy


My device has broken - what do I do?

If you no longer have access to suitable devices for your child to complete their work on, please contact the school office for support.


Devices Database

Please keep the office updated with any changes to the number or type of devices that you have, to access online learning. This will help us to be as swift as possible in ensuring that all families have what they need to enable remote learning to take place.


My child is in Nursery or Reception. Are they using Google Classroom?

No. The Google Classroom information is for Years 1 to 6 only. Check the Reception class page for information regarding remote learning through Tapestry.


My child's Google Classroom login isn't working

Make sure that you have checked the Google Classroom guide above and followed the instructions to log in. The email address is your child's username (eg. mrs84) with at the end. Make sure you are typing the password carefully, including capital letters as shown. You may need to try swapping a zero for an o or a capital I for a small L. If it is still not working, please contact the office, with information about which point you could get to. We need to know exactly which part isn't working so we can help!


What happens if my child is off, but not the whole class?

If your child is in isolation, school will provide remote learning provision from the first day of absence if your child is well. A pack of work can also be printed off for you at your request that you can collect or nominate someone to collect on your behalf. 


What is the expectation for remote learning?

The expectation is that the children will complete:

  • KS1- A minimum of 3 hours (less for younger children)
  • KS2- A minimum of 4 hours a day

Children will also be expected to read and practise maths skills (such as times tables) daily. If children are not engaging, we will contact parents to see if we can do anything to help and to check on the welfare of the child and family.


How will we communicate with our child's teacher about the work that is being set?

Through Google Classroom. The guide above shows you how to send private comments. However, this should strictly be used for discussing the work that has been set.


How will we communicate about anything else?

Through the office as normal.


I've lost my child's password, what should I do?

Email the office and they will pass it on the the relevant staff members. If we have warning of some or all classes having to start remote learning, another copy of passwords will be sent home.


I have more than one child, but only one device. What should I do?

If you have more than one child in the family, we understand the difficulty of arranging time with each of them and sharing devices. We are doing our best to deliver a hybrid model of learning which will incorporate online learning and hard copies of activities e.g use of text books and exercise books to allow some children to be working offline whilst some are online.


What happens if the class teacher has a positive test and is therefore ill?

If the class teacher tests positive, and therefore the class bubble shuts down, remote learning will start. However it may look different to what you are used or expecting to as a different teacher may step in to set the work if your child's teacher is ill.

These Key Instant Recall Facts (also known as KIRFs) are things that all children should be able to do quickly by the end of their school year. Please use these to practise these key skills whilst children are at home.

Maths - Key Instant Recall Facts